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  • Growing Pains The Autobiography of Emily Carr

    I've been reading this book aloud for about a month now.  The Introduction is written by Robin Laurence, and is a bit lengthy, the Forward is written by Ira Dilworth, includes a poem he and Emily shared together.  The first chapter begins and puts you smack in the middle of her rebellious nature at once.  

    My readings include my "asides" comments and thoughts about what I'm reading, including my purring cats, my laughter at places and even a bit of commentary from other listeners.

    I'm enjoying reading it aloud and learning how to present the short chapters in 25-35 minute segments.  It is usually about 10-12 pages read at a clip.  I hope you enjoy and if feel so inclined leave me a voice message at the anchor app or here or at my facebook page.  Would love to hear what you think about Emily Carr.

    In adding the beginning chapters, I decided to add all up to where I am now, and will continue to add them here after posting them in the audio platform.  :) 

    Part 1
    Reasons - The Outdoor Sketch Class - Nellie and the Lily Field
    Intro • Difference Between Nude And Naked • Beany • Evil • Outro
    Intro • The Roarats • Gladness • Colour-Sense • Sisters Coming - Sisters Going • Outro
    Tidbits of Conversations between a listener and myself about reading Growing Pains. 
    Intro • Telegraph Hill • The Mansion
    Back to Canada 🇨🇦 • Part II - Home Again PT. 1 • Home Again. PT. 2
    Intro • Love and Poetry ❤️ • The Voyage and Aunt Amelia • Aunt Amelia’s PG House • Outro- Happy New Year! 🎆
    St. Paul’s. Pgs 121-123 • Letters of Introduction pgs 124-127 • Westminster Abbey—Architectural Museum pgs 128-130
    Intro • Life Class • Mrs. Radcliffe • Outro  January 4, 2019
    Intro • Mrs. Simpson’s pgs 142-144 • Leaving Miss Green’s —Vincent Square pgs 145-151
    Pain And Mrs. Radcliffe—The Vicarage pgs 152-156 • Kicking The Regent Street Shoe-Man pgs 157-158 • Are You Saved? Pgs 159-165