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  • Ashøje Forest.

    Ashøje Forest.

    This is one piece of the 11 in my Denmark series.  The series is named "Hygge".  I've been looking at this piece for a few months now and I'm not feeling it needs much more.  I have another piece called, "Ashøjoe: Witches Grave", it's still in process.  This piece is 36 inches square on wood panel.  

    While in Denmark, in the town of Hurup, where my great great Grandparents came from, this forest, Ashøje, was planted near the family farm.  Beech trees I think.  In Thy, there are many beautiful trees and the light makes it's way through the leaves leaving a kaleidoscope reflection, angles and symmetry.  It is a joy to be there and walk in the quiet of those that live there.  The bugs, the wind, and all you cannot see.  

    I am putting a Ted video here because I truly believe there is communication in these forests.  I went here daily during my visit to Thy, and during my art residency there in 2015.

    I hope to return and do a series of work for all the seasons in that little forest.  Small but grand in my memory and visual language from that experience.