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  • Meandering Musings

    Meandering Musings

    I talk about three things primarily: My interest in the Yellow Vest movement, A review of A Passage of Yellow Red Birds by Robin Peace and Larry G. Maguire's poem, Hello Tree.
    More about Robin Peace: (from  Robin Peace writes of the world through the eye of a swallow and from the window of a plane sweeping over the earth. She writes as water making its way from mountain to sea, and of time as a passage of yellow red birds that declares a harvest singing from the cut earth. When her mother faces death by starvation, the natural world is called on to give relief – a blackbird to swallow her, silverfish to consume her as a book.This is a debut collection that shimmers even in sight of devastation.

    Robin Peace is a geographer, teacher and academic. A rich sensibility of the natural world informs a life bound up with stories of displacement, difference and belonging. She works at Massey University and lives with her partner on the wetland margin of O te Pua on the Kapiti coast.

    More about Larry G. Maguire:

    Writer, Artist, Podcaster.  Author of "The Artist's Manifesto"  He lives in Dublin, Ireland.