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  • A Day In The Life Of A Painter: Birds and Studio update.

    I have a bird's nest in my yard, it's on top of the electrical recepticle.  Today I took my 35mm to the window to document the new baby(ies).  I saw the little fledgling, and the mama and papa.  The image of the mama and papa didn't come out to great.  I didn't want to stay too long and disrupt or create concern.  Nature at it's best, right in my own backyard.  Then I meander into the studio to look at last nights work.

    New Baby

    Proud Papa.

    Mama and Papa intently looking down at me from high above.  Making sure baby is safe.

    Proud Mama.  Notice the difference in the nest and how they built up the sides for when the baby was born.

    Two updated photos from works in progress.  

    Yes, I know it's stupid to show my in progress uglies, but it is all in the process of making a painting.  Rutenberg even says that about himself showing us his unfinished work.  So warts and all, here's where I am.  I realized the history of the work is what's important to me.  Why it comes into being, where it goes, the journey to a completed piece.