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  • Grieving Per Kirkeby's passing.

    Grieving Per Kirkeby's passing.

    Per Kirkeby, Danish Painter passed yesterday.  It's hit me hard.  Not sure that I thought he'd be here forever or that I'd ever meet him myself, but it feels like a family member left the universe.

    He has given so much to me in just viewing his work.  I was lucky enough to view a huge retrospective of his work while I was in Denmark for my artist residency in 2015.  At the time, I had just learned that he had publicly announced his end to painting, he had suffered a stroke.  That made me sad at the time, and anxious.  I did a few drawings while in Denmark around my thoughts of Kirkeby and painting, or giving it up.

    Now he's gone, leaving quite a legacy.  One of the most prolific living artists I've discovered.

    I will still look to his work to discover more and more about painting.  Reading his writings has been quite an eye opener for me, I have just the one book translated from Danish, and will look for more.