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  • EArly Morning Rumination

    EArly Morning Rumination

    This piece came up early this morning, after waking up in the early hours of today.  Political musings but insightful for me as my life has been influenced politically forever.

    This piece is a self-portrait, inspired first by Frida Kahlo's self-portrait of herself painting in front of a canvas and a mirror.  This too started that way.  It shifted into a work that was more developed into a more psychological look into my feelings about war and military and love as a mother.

    Here is the long rambling (about 24 min) of my insight this morning on a podcast I did on an audio podcast.  I'm feeling introducing my own voice, the sound of my voice into my work is an important new step into my work.  I am trying out a new platform called "Limor", I think it's out of Ireland.  Anyway, it may only be accessed via  mobile device, I'm not sure, would like some feedback if that is true or not.

    It was interesting for me to revisit this self portrait in light of my feelings behind it and also where I am now regarding politics and wars.  Also, to acknowledge my long respect for Kahlo's life and work.