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  • The Blues

    The Blues

    The Blues speak to me.  Folk does too, because of the ballad like lyrics.  But with the blues the instruments, including the voices resonate a certain tone and emotion: passion.  Music overall is a real inspiration for me in a general sense but especially in my art creating. 

    Today I ran across one of Daniel Castro's covers.  Albert King's "I'll Play the Blues for You".  The drawing was done back in 2010, as an exercise, "waiting" to venture to Europe on my own for the first time.  I did 90 drawings, one a day for the last 3 months leading up to my trip to keep me focused.  I was working fulltime in the library then too.  It was a good flashback moment.  Set me off to listening to some good blues again.  Music does that, it inspires me in so many ways.

    Here's Daniel's Cover: