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  • Today In the Studio

    Today In the Studio

    I am working on a series that has now grown to 11 pieces.  Each are 36" square.  This piece is the least resolved.  Three are being shown in St. Charles, Illinois.  One, "Mesinge" is completed.  The rest are in various stages of completion.  I have taken a break from this series while traveling and today I come back to the least resolved work to move it forward.  This piece already has a name, "Odense - HCA". 

    My intent in these works, which I'm calling the "Denmark series", is to abstractly translate my 'hygge' experience during my two trips in Denmark.  I traveled to Demark for the first time, in late fall of 2014, to arrive in København (Copenhagen) on my birthday that year, and it also was to celebrate my Farmor, who passed in 2012.  

    She gave me my first experiences of "hygge" which I never realized until I was in Jylland later that trip.  Jylland is where her parents immigrated from to come to the US.  As I work on this series, I'll share more of the story.  

    I'm hoping and working towards showing the entire series in one show, maybe even back in Denmark where the series first gestated.  I would like to present it in Doverodde, at the Komandsgaard I was so graciously offered as an artist in residence there in 2015.  I will also be putting my thoughts/stories along with the finished images of work inspired from there in a book format to present to the center in Doverodde.  The project continues . . .

    This morning I was listening to a Danish Quartet, and it reminded me of the lovely music performance I saw there while in residence, in the presence of a full space of paintings and Danish light coming through the windows.  I can dream.

    Danish String Quartet: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert